Face Pic Guidelines

Face Pic Guidelines

Jack'd systems automatically detect facial features when a profile photo is uploaded. While a face may be present in a photo, it must be CLEARLY VISIBLE.


Photos in violation of Face Pic Guidelines depict one or more of the following issues:

  • Any part of the face is cropped out / obscured / concealed
  • Subject is too far away for facial features to be clearly visible
  • Contrast or sharpness conditions make it difficult to distinguish facial features

 If your photo violates one or more of the guidelines presented above, your photo will not be considered a face pic. Profiles that do not have a face pic:

  • Will not appear in the Discover: Online Now grid
  • Will not appear in search results for Face Pic

To resolve face pic issues in Jack'd, try uploading a new photo where your face is clearly visible, ensuring it does not violate the guidelines presented above.


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