Profile warnings and suspension alerts

Profile warnings and suspension alerts

We encourage all members of our community to flag a profile that is perceived to be in violation of our profile guidelines or terms of service. A support ticket should only be submitted to report serious violations (e.g. underage members, threats or other incidents of abusive/harassing behavior, impersonation).

In-app warning alerts are sent for the first offenses, whether they are reported by Jack'd community members or confirmed directly by Jack'd admins. When a profile has accumulated multiple flags, it will be temporarily suspended for a certain period of time indicated in the alert.

If your profile has been suspended for a guidelines violation, you should contact Jack'd Support to request a review of your profile. While profile suspensions may be appealed, we reserve the right to review each request on a case-by-case basis.


Repeat violations are subject to permanent suspension of your profile and device from Jack'd.

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